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Oak Furnitures Producer

Best Price - Best Design (we try !)

Furniture Developement & Production

Our production facilities are located in North China and have their own OAK forests ensuring continuous supply of high quality wood at best conditions. We are certifi ed BSCI and can also provide FSC wood. Our team is composed by professionals in furniture development and production with strong technical skills and extensive experience. We monitor all order processing steps from product blueprint to shipping. Our quality inspectors control the production on-line, day after day, piece after piece, to ensure a high level of quality. We are faithful to our longstanding customers in order to protect their market position, also in hard time.

Product Developement

To design a product without a correct construction will likely result in serious claims, especially in solid wood furniture. That is why you need an expert like Fox Depot LTD. Our passion is to develop new design furniture in solid wood, and we can support each step of the development:

  • designer and projection in 3D to define the product
  • define the appropriate hardware
  • prepare the technical drawing and make the type sample
  • make the AI
  • study the right packing

Our main expertise is to develop and produce furniture composed of different materials such as solid wood, aluminium, steel, painting and glass. By combining several materials at a very attractive price, we can allow you to win and expand your market.

Production Process

For Your Health

All our components like glue, oil, lacquer, wax respect the regulation of "REACH" to ensure a high level of protection of human health and environment. The rest is just solid wood.

Our Packing

Solid wood products are not common furniture, it is a piece of nature in your home. That is why Fox Depot provide the best packing for your furniture, to protect and also give a pleasant experience to your end customers. In each packing you will always find a bottle of oil and a fabric for the first maintenance of your furniture.

Wood & Finish




White Wash in Oak

White Wash in Pine

Finger Joint


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